Enterprise Account Manager

When considering the more economic organisation and optimisation of printing costs, it is necessary to capture all copy and print expenses. Gaining an overview of all occurring copy and print costs as well as allocating them to the individual accounts can be a difficult task in any organisation. The reason for this lies frequently with the wide range of uses and variety of output systems in the individual departments. This is where Enterprise Account Manager provides more transparency by distributing user access data to the predefined cost centres and accounts. In addition, user access restrictions can be defined to reduce costs even further e.g. by setting volume restrictions.


Effective cost control through user access evaluation

Controlled user access and rights of use are of vital importance when considering the economics and operation of digital multifunctional systems.

User access and accounts can be created centrally with a few mouse clicks using Authentication Manager, the corresponding software module from Enterprise Suite.

Exactly which user or department prints, copies or faxes how often per month, whether in colour or black & white, and on which specific digital system? Are the systems working at full capacity? Good questions to which Account Manager – the central server software can give you the right answers.

Given the internal charge rates for prints and copies, Account Manager can readout the resulting costs – as a diagram or chart with a wide variety of display options. Once the administrator has entered the relevant information, charges are automatically booked with no further intervention and reports are sent per email. The integrated export function supports common file types and delivers the data practicably in order to facilitate work on these reports.

For the required reports it is either possible to take one of the numerous analysis templates (Top 10 user, top 10 devices…) or create an own, individual one.

The “Print Log Tool” can even include desktop printers and locally installed devices.

How you benefit

  • Multidimensional, dynamic charts or graphic output of counter readings, listed according to:
    • Users /accounts
    • Period/ time usage: day, week, month
    • Devices
    • Controllable functions: print, copy, scan, fax, box
    • Colour, b/w
    • Paper formats
  • Chart / tables exported in *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv, *.txt or *.xml or automatic email transmission.
  • Easy user management in the UI
  • Setup of dynamic restriction levels e.g. a maximum of 100 colour pages per user per week.
  • Warning message upon reaching 80%/ 90% of the maximum restriction level
  • Determination of page cost and readout of the total costs in the analysis report
  • Individual or pre-defined analysis templates for the reports
  • Calendar function for fast and clear report creation
  • Pricing scale with a maximum of five levels i.e. lowest price per page from a volume of 1.000 pages per month
  • Extension of cost analysis to local desktop printers vial the Print Log Tool
  • Save report template feature for recurring automatic analysis
  • Web browser based operation of the software by the IT administrator