DEVELOP South Africa a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited is the latest innovative brand to join the South African Print, Copy, Fax and Scan arena. 

DEVELOP is a leading provider of modern office communication solutions with independent distributors and specialist outlets in 56 countries world-wide. We market systems, software and services for document production and management. With our range of products and services, we are establishing ourselves as a leading provider of office automation and document management to businesses world- wide. We are trendsetters and are making a confident and creative contribution towards shaping the future. We assess, design and guide our existing and prospective clients with the primary objectives being to increase productivity and efficiency in our customers’ environment. 

Who we are

DEVELOP is an international brand with strong roots in product development and customer satisfaction. The manufacturer of DEVELOP is the current global colour market leader, i.e Konica Minolta BT. A company whose general principle is “Dynamic Balance”. “Dynamic” stands for strong innovative power in the product area and the readiness and ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the market and our customers. “Balance” in interacting with our customers and business partners: unrestricted customer satisfaction and a fair relationship with our business partners are our ultimate goals. 

All service and support will be conducted by our trained and certified business partners and also via the existing Konica Minolta branch and dealer network.


Make an impression. Professional colour prints produced in-house lend added prestige value to your company's image. You print according to requirements, staying right up to date at all times and making your mark with perfectly stapled brochures or serial prints incorporating a fold to facilitate insertion in envelopes. The extra-fine ineo HD polymerisation toner provides for professional quality, high light-fastness and economy in use.

Cost saving

Control your costs. Benefit from the highly economical colour and black & white functions of the ineo systems: Define different access rights for printing and set individual output limits. Use double-sided printing to reduce your paper consumption. Optimise your purchasing by using consumables for only one system, rather than for separate printers, copiers and faxes. Streamline your communications and send scanned documents simply and economically by e-mail or fax to the desired addressees. Use the system as a digital archive or save your document scans directly from the system to a folder in the network or on your FTP server.


Make life easy. Scanning, archiving, transmitting, sorting, punching, stapling and much more. All functions are easy to use and will improve your communication processes and simplify many of your company's work operations. The colour LCD control panel and the standard user interface for the printer driver on all ineo colour systems enable you to control the system intuitively. The well-conceived design makes child's play of changing consumables such as toner. Remote Care offers an ideal remote maintenance service, enabling you to inform your DEVELOP partner in real time of low toner levels, for example, in order to minimise downtime.