Our survival tomorrow depends on how we care for the environment today. We work according to principles aiming at the greatest possible harmony between ecology and technology: In the context of our environmental management policy, we not only strive to provide our customers with useful products and services, but also to minimise their environmental impact, while maximising their economic value.

Our approach

We believe that the first step towards the effective control of complex situations lies in the application of “management based on facts”. We can only reliably solve environmental problems if we acquire reliable data on the environmental situation as well as quantitative measurements and analysis relating to it. We believe that waste prevention can contribute to protecting the environment and that it provides economic advantages. Accordingly, we are concerned with identifying and eliminating various types of waste - including raw materials, energy, activities and time - thereby also enhancing our economic effectiveness.

Global environment management

The company has been awarded ISO 14001 certification for its swift and efficient handling of environmental issues in each product life phase – from selection of the raw materials and components through to development, production, distribution, use, service and disposal.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

As CO2 emissions are believed to play a key role in global warming, the reduction of these emissions represent a significant goal of world-wide environmental protection. In order to achieve this goal, Konica Minolta is reducing the energy consumption of its products. One example is the new induction heating technology for our fixer units in the latest colour product generation, ineo+.

Environmental protection in practice

  • Recyclable design of all system components
  • Implementation of the “zero waste” principle at various production locations
  • Evaluation and selection of suppliers and consumables manufacturers taking environmental considerations into account
  • World-wide certification according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9000
  • Awarded the “Energy Star”
  • Awarded the “Blue Angel”


In many companies today’s watchword is cutting costs – and it applies just as much to larger-scale investments as it does to consumables, such as toner. This is why more and more manufacturers of cheaper alternatives or vendors of original merchandise at lower prices have entered the market. However, cheap does not necessarily mean good. Use of a lower-quality toner can not just have a negative effect on print quality but also lead to irreparable damage to a printing system. A one-off cheaper purchase then becomes an expensive mistake. And that is why we encourage our customers to buy DEVELOP toners.