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Google Cloud Print is a printing service provided by Google which connects your DEVELOP printer or MFP to the web via smartphones, tablets, Chromebook, PC or any other web-connected device in use for your application.

  • Print  from a wide range of devices, such as smartphones and tablet devices with iOS or Android.
  • OS, and also Windows and Mac PCs; no extra printer drivers needed.
  • Send print jobs to your office printer via the Cloud even while you're out of the office.


Google Cloud Print workflow image

User Interface

Google Cloud Print screenshot 1
Google Cloud Print screenshot 2
Google Cloud Print screenshot 3

A3 colour

  • ineo+ 654e/754e
  • ineo+ 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e

A3 black & white

  • ineo 654e/754e
  • ineo 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e

A4 colour

  • ineo+ 3850/3850FS/3350

A4 black & white

  • ineo 4050/4750

A3 colour/B/W MFPs: UK-204 upgrade kit (expansion memory) is required.

A4 colour MFPs: 1GB of additional memory is required.


  1. Depending on Google Cloud Print specifications, the layout of a document which has been printed may vary from the layout of the original document.
  2. It may not be possible to print encrypted PDFs.
  3. Firmware which is compatible with Google Cloud Print is required.

Required options:
i-Option LK-101 v3 (Web browser) *1
Free HDD space: 50MB or more

Google Cloud Print Setup

To use Google Cloud Print it may be necessary to update the device firmware. Contact your DEVELOP service provider for details.