DEVELOP's ineo 758 mono A3 MFP: make it yours

ineo 758 mono A3 MFP.

DEVELOP South Africa, a wholly owned Bidvest company, has sharpened its focus on meeting the specific document production and management demands of start-ups and SMEs, with the introduction of its new, highly customisable multifunctional printer (MFP), the ineo 758 mono A3.

Marc Pillay, CEO at DEVELOP South Africa, comments: "DEVELOP's solutions can easily be incorporated into daily working habits and will help to save on time when it comes to routine office tasks like printing, scanning or copying. This focus on time and cost saving is more evident than ever before, with the ineo 758, as users can customise individual screen features, specific functions and workflows activated via the device's display screen, while placing frequently used functions on the start screen, and removing those that are not utilised."

This device can be a true part of your business, making it possible to display your company logo on start-up or a Flash video while idle, as well as to customise your user interface on the screen and have your business-relevant apps accessed straight from the operating panel.

Also accessible in the device is DEVELOP's dstore, which includes connectors to cloud solutions such as Google Drive or Google Mail, paper templates, and remote app updates.

The A3 MFP produces 75ppm in black and white. It has a standard ineo controller with PCL 6, PCL 5, PostScript 3, PDF 1.7, XPS and OOXML support. With a printing capacity of 6 500 sheets, the ineo 758's ensures large quantity printing is continuous and undisturbed. Furthermore, the device has a 4GB memory, 250GB hard disk and is Gigabit Ethernet enabled.

"The ineo 758 makes printing from a mobile device even easier and more intuitive than from a PC," explains Pillay. "External apps do not need to be downloaded or specific printer drivers installed; the mobile features integrate seamlessly with innovative mobile technologies to let you print from your tablet or smartphone with just one click."

"Additionally, security functionality ensures that company data is safe, with features like secure print, user authentication and account tracking, comes with the free app, ineoPRINT, and with Common Criteria/ISO 1540-IEEE 2600.1 certification, access control, data security and network encryption, the device safeguards against documents landing up in the wrong hands.

"The new device is ISO 14001 environmentally certified and operates in line with DEVELOP's zero-waste principle, meaning that it is environmentally friendly, with recyclable components and energy-saving features to reduce power consumption. As a result, it can assist in lowering your business's carbon footprint and money can be saved through lower electricity bills," concludes Pillay.


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