Product News - DEVELOP’s ineo +308 and +368 simplify mobile printing

JOHANNESBURG – March 03, 2016 – The ubiquitous nature of mobility today means that everything, from transport and hotels to shopping, has become as easily accessible as the click of a mobile device button. It only makes sense then that printing equipment has become just as convenient. 

In addition to this, mobile working habits are becoming increasingly commonplace in office environments. Omnipresent smartphones and tablets have enabled new ways of working, like multi-space working concepts. And still, there is a great need for printing out documents or scanning them, a task which, in many workplaces is only possible when using a desk¬top computer, forcing mobile workers into a time-consuming and inconvenient detour.  

DEVELOP South Africa, is a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd, is catering to these adapted changes with the introduction of the ineo +308 and +368 multifunctional printers (MFPs).

The ineo +308 and +368 colour multifunctional offices systems have both been designed to solve these mobility woes, as they enable mobile workers to print or scan from their mobile devices, so says Marc Pillay, divisional managing director at DEVELOP South Africa.

Pillay goes on to explain how these new machines positively impact a company's document workflow: “The ineo +308 and +368 have been created for simple, unrestricted and uncomplicated mobile usability, a growing demand for office systems. Both devices are equipped for near field communication (NFC) and support mobile printing from Android devices. Their mobile and cloud connectivity ensures smooth integration of mobile devices and a high degree of flexibility that will save mobile office workers time and effort, and therefore increase productivity.”

These office systems are intuitively easy to operate using a smart phone or tablet. The 9-inch touchscreens come with familiar multi-touch operations, such as flick, drag and drop, pinch in and out, so users can quickly learn them. The menu navigation structure displays all functions in one go, and allows the required settings to be selected with just a few clicks. Frequently used functions can be left on the start screen and unused ones simply removed.

“These days, lower energy costs, environmental protection and saving natural resources are key criteria in deciding which multifunctional system to buy for your office,” Pillay states. “The new ineo + devices set new standards in green energy efficiency, as sustainability was a priority in the construction concept. Sophisticated hardware and various energy-saving measures ensure these systems work energy-efficiently, particularly in sleep mode, so that their average weekly power consumption is very low. Other green functions, such as the automatic deletion of blank pages to avoid unnecessary copying and wasted paper, boost the system’s sustainable credentials. That not only benefits the environment but saves companies money as well.”

Printing 30 and 36 pages per minute (ppm) respectively, ineo +308 and +368 offer a range of standard and optional functions, including:

Mobile and cloud support

The NFC-ready equipment supports mobile and cloud printing via AirPrint (iPhones, iPods or iPad Touch), Mopria (devices running Android 4.4 or higher), Google Cloud Print (optional), WiFi Direct (optional) and embedded NFC authentication. This means that web pages, photos or PDFs can be printed via a WLAN network. In addition, mobile workers can register the ineo + 308 and + 368 on their Google account and print from any location when the mobile device is connected to the internet.

Smart solutions for workflow optimisation

DEVELOP’s software solutions replace time-consuming manual operations with automated processes. With convert+share, for example, you can scan a document in various file formats and then send the file straight to whatever destination you want, such as Google Docs, Evernote or Microsoft SharePoint. And store+find helps you locate any document easily and quickly using a key-word or full-text search facility.

Easy-to-use touchscreen

Thanks to functions such as flick, drag and drop and, pinch in and out, the tiltable 9-inch colour screen is as simple to use as a smartphone or tablet, and the operating panel can be customised for tailored use.

Remote administration made simple

The system can be administered through any web browser from a desktop. Instant servicing is possible thanks to the display’s remote operating function. Furthermore, the machine’s operating panel can be mirrored on a tablet using a dedicated app. This means the user can choose the settings for a print job even though the printer is somewhere else in the building. Ineo Remote Care allows the system’s status to be monitored by the company’s DEVELOP dealer. That way, they will be automatically notified when the toner is running low to ensure the toner does not run out and can save you time and effort. 

Wide choice of authentication possibilities

Secure access to the system is ensured through various means of authentication: passwords, finger-vein scanning, contactless smart cards or embedded NFC authentication. The system’s NFC capability means a mobile device can even be used as an alternative to the authentication card.

Peace of mind about data security

With access to secure printing, user authentication and account tracking functions ensured, users can work securely from both mobile and fixed locations. Security features such as IPsec, S/MIME e-mail encryption and IP filtering ensure every form of system communication or document transfer is secure. All data stored on the system’s hard disk are protected from unauthorised access by data encryption technology and, if required, data erasure.

Environment-friendly benefits

The system’s low energy consumption, economical running costs and intelligent environmental concept have earned eco-certificates such as Energy Star – an environment friendliness that is good for an organisation’s carbon footprint as well as its bottom line.

These machines make it possible for businesses to enhance document production capabilities and offer a wide choice of media and finishing functions. Which is why you will no longer be dependent on external shops for specialist jobs. The ineo+ 308 and + 368 can handle envelopes, recycled paper, pre-printed paper, overhead transparencies, thick card of up to 300 g/m2 and various other papers. These systems can print broad range of paper formats from A6 to A3+ (SRA3) or user-defined formats and banners of up to 1.2 metres in length. They also contain numerous finishing options which allow booklets of up to 80 pages to be created, letters folded in various ways, hand-outs stapled or invoices hole-punched.

“The new ineo + devices have many useful features and functions to reduce the amount of manual work involved in document production. That will lower your costs and help to optimise your workflow. Documents can be scanned as PowerPoint presentations or archived as PDF/A files. 

“DEVELOP’s convert+share tool allows documents to be scanned at the press of a button, converted into the required format and delivered to whatever destination you want. It does away with time-consuming searches for old files by ensuring every document can be quickly located.  The ineo + 308 and +368 is perfectly suited to the mobile workflows of both today and tomorrow’s world”, concludes Pillay.


DEVELOP South Africa, is a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd. DEVELOP is one of the leading international brands, with an operational stance of consultative business partnering. The company assesses, designs and guides throughout the implementation process and beyond, offering continued onsite technical and software management as well as the supply of spare parts and consumables.  Its primary objective is increasing productivity in the customer’s business environment.  With “dynamic balance”, DEVELOP South Africa offers clients cost effective innovation in the product area, the readiness and ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the market and customers, and unrestricted customer satisfaction; whilst being dedicated to a fair relationship with their business partners


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