Product News - Simple mobile usability and enhanced ease of use with new DEVELOP monochrome models

JOHANNESBURG – September 07, 2015 – Monochrome multifunctional devices are found in a wide range of locations where colour printing is not a critical factor, such as government offices, schools, universities, engineering firms, architect's offices, insurance companies, banks and libraries. What users in all these environments need is intuitive ease of use with mobile usability, something that is increasingly becoming a must-have for multifunctional devices. DEVELOP’s new Poseiden Series - ineo 227/287/367- of monochrome multifunctional devices fulfils all of these requirements. 

Mobile device support

“The most important new feature of these new monochrome models is their simple mobile usability,” says Marc Pillay, divisional managing director at DEVELOP South Africa. “As mobile working becomes more and more common in today’s office environments, people are no longer prepared to put up with the frustrating inconvenience of having to print or scan documents via a desktop computer. They naturally want to be able to print or scan straight from their tablet or smartphone – and these ineo devices make that possible.”

Key functions of these new devices are their Bluetooth low energy (LE) and near field communication (NFC) capabilities, which enable printing and scanning straight from iOS and Android tablets or smartphones.   “Mobile office workers can also register the ineo device on their Google account and print from any location – provided their smartphone or tablet has an internet connection,” he continues.

Individualised operating panel

A panel that can be customised to suit individual user needs is particularly useful in corporate multiple-user environments, such as workgroups, teams and departments. Users can select the features and functions they most frequently use and customise the panel accordingly. Printing, copying or scanning jobs can be completed much faster. In addition, the entire panel can be tailored to individual requirements by means of a corporate message, company logo or supportive information for the user. 

Intuitive ease of use

Pillay explains: “When smartphone or tablet users see the operating panel of these ineo devices, they will feel instantly at home. The devices’ intuitive operability is modelled on the multi-touch operating concept smartphone or tablet users are familiar with. Drag-and-drop drop functionality, a finger-swiping menu and submenu pop-ups are just some of the operating features that ensure intuitive ease of use.” A smartphone-style operating concept is particularly advantageous in libraries, schools or universities where occasional users need to operate the panel of a multifunctional device. 

Shared features and functions

These ineo devices share common features and functions with DEVELOP’s  colour line-up. So there are obvious advantages if all the colour and black-and-white systems in an organisation are from the same ineo stable. Users will instantly recognise the shared features when the operating panel lights up, and feel at home with whichever DEVELOP device they are using. The amount of time saved in everyday office tasks should not be underestimated.       

Razor-sharp printouts

The print engine and innovative HD toner are finely tuned to deliver razor-sharp printouts and easily readable small type.

Choice of authentication solutions

Secure access to the system is ensured through various means of authentication: passwords, finger-vein scanning, contactless smart cards or embedded NFC authentication. These devices’ NFC capability means a mobile device can even be used instead of an authentication card.

Confidence-building data security

“DEVELOP makes sure that mobile devices can be securely used in an office environment. While protecting a company’s network is one key aspect, ensuring the confidentiality of printouts sent from mobile devices is also important,” says Pillay. With access to secure printing, user authentication and account tracking functions ensured in the ineo 227, users can work securely from both mobile and fixed locations.”

Economical and environmentally friendly

DEVELOP's monochrome multifunctional line-up boasts a number of environment-friendly features. The energy-saving functions include energy-efficient LED scanner lighting, wake-up-for-scan-only technology that avoids heating the engine when it is not needed, and a dynamic eco-timer that analyses device usage and adapts settings accordingly. These ineo systems' low energy consumption and economical operating costs have been rewarded by eco-certificates such as Blue Angel and ENERGY STAR. “Such economical eco-friendliness minimises the cost of running these office systems and is also good for the owner’s carbon footprint,” he concludes.


DEVELOP South Africa, is a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd. DEVELOP is one of the leading international brands, with an operational stance of consultative business partnering. The company assesses, designs and guides throughout the implementation process and beyond, offering continued onsite technical and software management as well as the supply of spare parts and consumables.  Its primary objective is increasing productivity in the customer’s business environment.  With “dynamic balance”, DEVELOP South Africa offers clients cost effective innovation in the product area, the readiness and ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the market and customers, and unrestricted customer satisfaction; whilst being dedicated to a fair relationship with their business partners


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