Product News- Ease of use and raised productivity ineo 454e

Ease of use and raised productivity with new DEVELOP monochrome model

JOHANNESBURG – November 23, 2015 – The latest multifunctional system launched by DEVELOP, the ineo 454e, has been designed with an intuitive operating concept in mind – modelled on a smartphone or tablet – ensuring ease of use. Its customisable panel saves users lots of time in everyday document jobs, promising a significant boost to productivity in document production, so says Marc Pillay, divisional managing director at DEVELOP South Africa.

Pillay goes on to explain how this new machine positively impacts a company's document workflow: “This multifunctional device helps to boost productivity not just through delivering top-quality output in black & white at 45 A4 pages per minute; but it is its ease of use that makes a decisive difference. The operating panel is as easy to use as any smartphone or tablet, and you can tailor the screen to your individual requirements. That saves lots of time and speeds up printing, copying, scanning and faxing operations."

These black & white multifunctional devices are not only equipped with all the essential functions a modern office needs, they also offer a broad range of features that makes them especially interesting for engineering firms, architects’ offices, insurance companies, banks, educational establishments, libraries and indeed the whole public sector. What office workers in all these sectors demand is an office device that is intuitively easy to use.

Smartphone-style operation

“The 9-inch full-colour touchscreen of the operating display will feel instantly familiar to smartphone or tablet users thanks to multi-touch operations such as flick, drag&drop or pinch in&out. They can simply finger-swipe their way through the menu and will get to grips with the system in no time at all thanks to the intuitive operating concept,” explains Pillay.

Customisable panel

Whatever kind of office a black & white multifunctional device is used in, it will inevitably have a number of users in workgroups, teams or different-sized departments.  The ineo 454e’s customisable operating panel is particularly useful in multiple user environments. This means every single user can choose out of a wide range of features and functions the specific ones they want on their very own operating panel – especially as various apps can be downloaded via the operating panel to provide an added degree of customisation. The advantages are clear: instant access to frequently used functions and time saved on routine office tasks. What’s more, DEVELOP’s enhanced technology allows the user interface or entire applications to be completely customised, such as to position a corporate message, company logo or supportive information on the user panel directly.

Eco-friendly performance

The system’s low energy consumption, economical running costs and intelligent environmental concept have been rewarded by eco-certificates such as Energy Star. The energy-saving features of the ineo 454e have cut power consumption by over 40 percent compared to predecessor models. “While this kind of economy saves money, other green features are ecologically beneficial further boosting the owner’s green credentials,” adds Pillay.

Authentication and reassuring data security

These days, any office system that is integrated into a company’s network or has its own hard disk has to be adequately protected, as does any piece of IT equipment. Thanks to security features such as IPsec, S/MIME e-mail encryption and IP filtering, every form of system communication or document transfer is entirely secure. All the data stored on the system’s hard disk are also protected from unauthorised access by data encryption technology and, if required, data erasure. Security measures in line with international standards such as ISO 15408 EAL and IEEE 2600.1 will give you further peace of mind, whilst secure access to the system is ensured through various means of authentication: passwords, finger-vein scanning and contactless smart cards.

High-class scanning performance for optimised work processes

At up to 160 images per minute, the ineo 454e is unusually fast for a system of its class. It also offers a broad choice of scanning functions. Since you can directly scan a document into a Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or searchable PDF format, you no longer need to convert documents manually and can immediately start working with the file. Scanned documents can be distributed in a variety of ways, such as by sending them as e-mails or transferring them to a Windows folder or an FTP server. With the convert+share feature, users can scan a document in various file formats and then send the file straight to  wherever they want, for example, Google Docs, Evernote or Microsoft SharePoint. And store+find helps you locate any document easily and quickly via a keyword or full-text search facility.

Impressive printouts, extensive finishing and media flexibility

The print engine and innovative HD toner are finely tuned to deliver razor-sharp 1,200 dpi printouts and easily readable small type. Once printed, functions such as booklet making, stapling, hole punching, banner printing and letter folding plus a broad choice of printable media ensure you can produce almost any kind of document.

“With the ineo 454e you can be sure of three things: a familiarity based on shared features and functions, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness; three qualities that guarantee a fast return on your investment in these multifunctional machines,” concludes Pillay.


DEVELOP South Africa, is a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd. DEVELOP is one of the leading international brands, with an operational stance of consultative business partnering. The company assesses, designs and guides throughout the implementation process and beyond, offering continued onsite technical and software management as well as the supply of spare parts and consumables.  Its primary objective is increasing productivity in the customer’s business environment.  With “dynamic balance”, DEVELOP South Africa offers clients cost effective innovation in the product area, the readiness and ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the market and customers, and unrestricted customer satisfaction; whilst being dedicated to a fair relationship with their business partners


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