Product News - DEVELOP South Africa launches feature-rich ineo+ 3350/3850

JOHANNESBURG – February 24, 2015 – There was a time when virtually all multifunctional office devices in the A4 colour segment were short on functions and features that make a system quick and easy to use. Those days are finally over. The recently launched ineo+ 3350/3850 from DEVELOP is a feature-rich A4 colour device that meets all the document needs of home office workers, small businesses, start-ups or small to mid-sized workgroups in whatever field of business they operate.

“There has been a lot of potential for improvement in the segment of A4 multifunctional colour devices,” says divisional managing director of DEVELOP South Africa, Marc Pillay. “But with the launch of these two systems we can now offer users the kind of convenience they have been waiting for. Besides, both devices can bring a boost to business productivity by saving time on everyday office jobs and cutting a company’s electricity bill thanks to their enhanced energy efficiency.”

Ease of operation

A seven-inch full-colour touchscreen panel and an intuitive multi-touch operating concept ensure these two office devices are easy to use – without consulting the instruction manual or lengthy training sessions. Thanks to a smartphone-/tablet-like operating concept office users will feel instantly at home with the clearly designed user interface. And once they start navigating their way through the system, they will find well-structured menus. The biggest benefit of such ease of operation is that users can return to their normal work faster after completing printing, copying, scanning and – an optional feature – fax jobs. And that is naturally good for office productivity.

Easy on the environment

With the cost of electricity rising incessantly, energy-efficient devices are increasingly in demand as money-savers. Moreover, as most office devices remain switched on all day and night, energy efficiency is particularly important. In this respect the ineo+ 3350/3850 performs very well since its average weekly power consumption is low and little or no power is consumed in sleep mode. The devices’ environmental credentials are underlined by certification to the internationally recognised environmental standards of Energy Star and Blue Angel. Seen from a total cost of ownership perspective, the ineo+ 3350/3850 offers good value for money through those low operating costs and the use of environmentally friendly construction materials, which facilitates recycling.

Easily out in front

Whereas many office devices in the A4 colour segment are low on features, the ineo+ 3350/3850 comes with a full set, even in the standard configuration. Besides delivering 33 or 38 pages ppm in printing or copying mode, these two devices offer a standard paper capacity of 650 sheets (optionally extendable to 1,650 sheets), a 35-opm reverse document feeder, 1 GB of memory, a 320 GB hard disk and a PCL and PostScript print controller. Since faxed documents still play a far from insignificant role in office correspondence, there is also an optional fax function. Other useful features include the ability to print Word, Excel or PDF documents straight from a USB drive and security functions that ensure confidential documents do not end up in the wrong hands. Thanks to the combination of all these features the ineo+ 3350/3850 is undoubtedly one of the most fully featured devices in the A4 colour segment.   


DEVELOP South Africa, is a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd. DEVELOP is one of the leading international brands, with an operational stance of consultative business partnering. The company assesses, designs and guides throughout the implementation process and beyond, offering continued onsite technical and software management as well as the supply of spare parts and consumables.  Its primary objective is increasing productivity in the customer’s business environment.  With “dynamic balance”, DEVELOP South Africa offers clients cost effective innovation in the product area, the readiness and ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the market and customers, and unrestricted customer satisfaction; whilst being dedicated to a fair relationship with their business partners


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