Intuitive ease of use improves productivity

Monochrome devices now complete ineo line-up

Langenhagen, December 2013. What most people want from a monochrome multifunctional device is intuitive ease of use – whether such a system is installed in an engineering firm, architect's office, insurance company, bank, university, library or government office. Every device in DEVELOP's black-and-white office line-up has been designed for intuitive ease of use to enable office workers to return to their normal work as quickly as possible. This way, these ineo devices can help improve the productivity of document workflows.

"Our ineo family of colour and black-and-white devices is now complete. That means we can meet all the normal printing, copying and scanning needs of mid-sized or large teams or workgroups and entire departments," says Caroline Klenke, the product manager responsible for the ineo monochrome line-up. "And whichever device you choose from DEVELOP's ineo monochrome or colour line-up, you'll enjoy the 'know one – operate many' experience.

Common features and functions
Every ineo monochrome device – the ineo 224e, ineo 284e, ineo 364e, ineo 454e and ineo 554e – now shares features and functions with the ineo+ colour family. If numerous colour and black-and-white systems are all from the ineo stable, there will be clear benefits, particularly in large companies, institutions or government offices. Users will instantly recognise the shared features when the operating panel lights up. The amount of time this saves in everyday office tasks should not be underestimated.

Smartphone-style operatability
Smartphone or tablet users will feel instantly at home with the operating panel of these ineo office systems. Their intuitive operatability is modelled on the multi-touch operating concept smartphone or tablet users are familiar with. Drag&drop functionality, a finger-swiping menu and sub-menu pop-ups are just some of the operating features that make these office devices intuitively easy to use. A smartphone- style operating concept is particularly advantageous at locations such as libraries or universities where multifunctional devices are available for use by the general public, as even inexperienced users will soon become familiar with these ineo systems.

Customisable operating panel
Monochrome multifunctional devices are typically found in multiple user environments, e.g. workgroups, teams or departments, where the customisable panel is particularly useful. Since users can select from the wide range of features and functions the ones they most frequently need and customise the panel accordingly, printing, copying or scanning jobs can be completed much faster than before. In addition, the entire user panel can be customised with a corporate message, company logo or supportive information for the user.

Economical and eco-friendly
DEVELOP's monochrome multifunctional line-up boasts a number of eco-friendly features, e.g. energy- saving functions such as energy-efficient LED scanner lighting, a 1W sleep mode, wake-up-for-scan-only technology that avoids heating the engine when it is not needed, and a dynamic eco-timer that analyses device usage and adapts settings accordingly. The ineo systems' low energy consumption and economical operating costs have been rewarded by eco-certificates such as Blue Angel and ENERGY STAR. This is the kind of economical eco-friendliness that helps keep the cost of running these office systems as low as possible.


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