ineo 25e: smart output from easy-to-use device from DEVELOP

Space-saving multifunctional convenience

Langenhagen, March 2013. Space is at a premium in many offices. Since it makes no sense in such surroundings to have separate devices for printing, copying, faxing and scanning, a multifunctional office device is the obvious solution – but only if it is easy to use. After all, a complicated operating manual is no use to anybody. The new ineo 25e from DEVELOP is a compact 4-in-1 office device that really is easy to use and thus ideally suited to the needs of a small team in any kind of business.

"The ineo 25e is a very practical 4-in-all solution for a small office," says Stefan Herrmann, DEVELOP product manager. "That's because any office worker will find it easy to operate. What's more, it rarely runs out of paper and the smart output solutions prevent different users' documents from getting mixed up."

Compact multifunctionality
The ineo 25e prints and copies at 25 A4 pages per minute, offers a range of scanning functions (including a duplex document feeder), can be used as a regular fax machine or for digitising paper documents for easier archiving, and is fully network-capable. Investing in one device for printing, copying, scanning and faxing, with the same operating principle for all four functions, saves not only space but also time and money – because several devices can be replaced by an ineo 25e.

Reassuring ease of use
Despite such 4-in-1 multifunctionality, the ineo 25e is perfectly simple to operate – even for the non-technically minded. The large 5.7" operating screen is easy to understand with intuitive menus and self-explanatory buttons. Moreover, the standard menu can be customised to the individual needs of different users for direct and quick access to frequently used functions. Other features, such as the ability to copy the front and back of something like an ID card onto a single page, will save the user time and unnecessary hassle. Indeed, the biggest benefit of this ease of use is possibly the time it saves: none is wasted learning how to operate the device, and jobs get finished faster. This leaves office workers with more time to get on with their normal work.

Huge paper capacity
One annoying feature of small multifunctional devices in a multi-user office is that they frequently run out of paper. This is a problem users will very rarely experience with the ineo 25e. Its standard configuration of a 500-sheet cassette and 100-sheet bypass tray for special print media can be extended to a 2,100-sheet capacity from five paper feeds. This not only reduces the number of time-wasting refills but also creates a convenient facility for stocking different media, e.g. standard paper, thicker paper or envelopes.

Smart output solutions
A multifunctional device in a multi-user office can cause confusion when printouts, photocopies and incoming faxes end up in a single output tray. If confidential documents end up in the wrong hands, the outcome may be more than just confusing. That is why the ineo 25e comes with several smart solutions to help sort out the different kinds of output. An additional tray can be dedicated to faxes or photocopies, for example, and a password-protected Secure Print function ensures confidential documents can only be printed out at the author's command. Here again, the ineo 25e offers multi-users in a small office the kind of convenience frequently only found in larger multifunctional devices.


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