Enhanced performance through improved ease of use

DEVELOP ineo+ 654e/754e boosts workflow productivity

Langenhagen, July 2013.

Can anybody reinvent the wheel in the segment of high-end multifunctional office systems? In purely technical terms there is probably little potential left for improvement. But when it comes to raising productivity in the document production process, progress can be made by improving interaction between the user and the device. And this is where the new ineo+ 654e/754e from DEVELOP, a high-end multifunctional colour device, has been significantly improved to deliver even better ease of use in corporate environments such as large departments, centralised locations and in-house printshops.

Improved ease of use

The operating panel on the previous model, the ineo+ 654e/754e, had already received much acclaim for its ease of use. But these new machines' operating panel has been further improved to ensure even more intuitive operability and enhance the enjoyment of working with this office device. The smartphone-/tablet-like multi-touch features of the previous model have been supplemented by a pinch-in/pinch-out function that gives users the chance to zoom into documents for a content check. Another useful feature, the drag-and-drop function, allows documents stored on the ineo+ 654e/754e HDD to be easily moved to the required function, e.g. for printing or sending to e-mail, FTP or SMP destinations, and even changing the page order or rotating individual pages (if they are the wrong way round) in a scanned document. Whatever function is chosen, each one is as easy to use as any smartphone or tablet.

Customised to a user's needs

You often hear complaints from office users that the numerous buttons and functions on high-end multifunctional machines make them difficult to use. That is why the operating panel of the ineo+ 654e/754e can be customised to user's needs by activating certain functions and hiding unwanted ones. The most frequently used functions of a multifunctional office device can be freely arranged on the main panel for instant access. The main screen provides direct access to any function, e.g. installed applications or preset workflows, and since pop-up windows open for all function settings, the main panel always remains accessible. This handy feature means users no longer need to worry about getting lost in a maze of many different function-related screens.

More useful functions

The new machine's ease of use has been further enhanced by the addition of several new functions that enable users to operate the ineo+ 654e/754e in just the way they want. It is possible to scan originals to create searchable PDF, docx, pptx and xlsx documents, directly print e-mail attachments and receive incoming faxes as searchable PDF files – a step that would normally have to be carried out at the desktop PC after the document has been scanned.

Adapted to changing IT environments

The new ineo+ 654e/754e has been adapted to developments in corporate IT environments. For example, documents can be scanned to or printed from external sources such as Sharepoint™, Google Apps™ and Evernote™ as appropriate connectors can be integrated. Moreover, the two new machines can be integrated into any Cortado ThinPrint environment.

Enhanced energy efficiency

The ineo+ 654e/754e also boasts a number of improvements that raise its energy efficiency rating. The machines have been specifically designed to minimise power consumption and their typical weekly electricity consumption (TEC value) is very low. The issue of print media inefficiency has also been tackled through functions that automatically delete blank pages to avoid unnecessary printing or copying and thus wasting both toner and paper.

The decisive difference

Lars Moderow, the DEVELOP Team Manager Office Printing who is responsible for the ineo+ 654e/754e, highlights the key benefit this new office system brings: "These two new machines promise an even better return on investment – through improvements that boost the user's productivity, through new IT options that improve workflow productivity, and through the machines' overall document production performance."

The details of this performance include an output speed of up to 60 A4 ppm in colour and 65 or 75 A4 ppm in black and white, printing formats from A6 to SRA3, customised paper sizes, banner printing up to 1,200 x 297 mm, and paper weights of 52-300 g/m2. But ultimately, the decisive difference is the boost to office productivity that comes from enhanced ease of use. That is where these two new machines score most.


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