DEVELOP store+find 2.2

User-friendly improvements in latest version of document management system

Langenhagen, September 2013. To administer documents efficiently, companies need an effective electronic document management system. But particularly for small and mid-sized firms the cost of investing in such a document management system and teaching staff how to operate it has often been too high. With store+find 2.2 DEVELOP now offers a reasonably priced solution specifically designed for small and mid-sized firms.

In many companies documents still end up in boxes, files or cupboards. In the long term this not only takes up valuable space, but is also inefficient since looking for specific documents can be a time-consuming business, and sometimes documents may even get lost. Efficient document administration is a very different story. A document management system (DMS) in which important documents, receipts, faxes and e-mails are captured and stored electronically is an attractive alternative – providing it is not too expensive or complicated to use. The latest version of store+find from DEVELOP is both reasonably priced and easy to use, as Daniel Schellhase, the product manager responsible, explains: "This tool was designed with the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in mind and allows them to store, work and retrieve any business documents in electronic format. It's a highly efficient solution that's bound to bring a rapid return on investment."

Highlights of store+find 2.2:

New Enterprise Plus version: This version offers a full set of convenient usage and customisation possibilities, which will prove particularly convenient in mid-sized corporate environments. Documents can be sent to any store+find destination straight from the operating panel of any ineo multifunctional device with no need for any additional manual intervention. Another new feature of the Enterprise Plus version is that the document libraries can be configured to suit a user's specific requirements.

Reliable text recognition: A new improved optical character recognition (OCR) engine in store+find 2.2 provides reliable text recognition to help the user find a document by means of its textual content.

Android app: The store+find Android app provides full access to this documents management tool via an Android smartphone. Among other things, this enables users to search, access, add, print or send documents by e-mail.

Scan profiles: A network administrator can define profiles that a user can then select to carry out a scan job. This way, a user no longer needs to select all the desired settings, e.g. resolution, document format or scan colour, every time a document has to be scanned. Simply having to activate a dedicated scan profile saves users a great deal of time in such routine office tasks as document scanning and storage.


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