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Time-saving software solution from DEVELOP

Langenhagen, November 2012. Microsoft® SharePoint collaboration software has long been a useful tool for companies and organisations that work from different sites or in project processes. Users benefit from the ease and convenience with which documents can be exchanged and processed – with one exception: the roundabout route for storing scanned documents in a SharePoint library. But now DEVELOP has launched Personal Share as a tool to significantly simplify this process.

Jan-Bernd Sandermann, the product manager responsible for Personal Share, outlines the benefits this tool brings: "Personal Share creates an efficient, user-friendly link to SharePoint because users can simply scan documents into SharePoint from their nearest networked printer-scanner. Personal Share places no extra burden on a company's IT infrastructure and reduces paper wastage by helping to avoid unnecessary printouts."

Direct link to and from SharePoint
Personal Share creates a direct link between SharePoint and a DEVELOP A3 multifunctional office system. After authentication, any authorised user can scan a document straight into the relevant SharePoint project folder. All the necessary settings, e.g. the document name or scan destination, can be configured with ease on the display of the DEVELOP office system. Personal Share is also an extremely useful tool for documents stored in SharePoint. Authorised users have immediate access to their project folders via the DEVELOP office system and can of course print out Share-Point documents there as well.

Time and effort saved
Up to now, scanning a document into a SharePoint installation took a roundabout route via a workplace PC. Since Personal Share sends scanned documents straight to SharePoint, it cuts out several manual steps and thus saves users both time and effort.

Easy to install
Since Personal Share can be installed on the same server as SharePoint, it makes efficient use of a company's IT resources since there is no need for any additional investment and administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Paper wastage reduced
The integrated document preview function on the DEVELOP system's display enables users to check the first page of a SharePoint document before it is printed out. This helps to prevent unnecessary printouts and thus reduces paper wastage.

System requirements: Windows Server 2003 or 2008 with Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® SharePoint Services 2007 or 2010 and Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 installed, as well as one or more DEVELOP A3 multifunctional office systems featuring DEVELOP OpenAPI 2.1 or higher. GhostScript and 3.2.1 must be installed on the office system to display files correctly via the preview function and to print them out properly. Performance issues may be encountered if there are more than 1,500 SharePoint users and 500 document libraries.


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